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Experience awe-inspiring vintage designs inspired by nature forms featured in our eclectic mix of bathing suits, scarves, art charts, and more. Learn more about our creations at Haeckel Haus. Discover the vintage inspirations highlighted in our interesting line of high fashion and home décor items. Contact us to learn more about our spectacular array of styles and designs.

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Learn about Haeckel Haus

Haeckel Haus is all about vintage biomorphic designs, patterns, and styles merged into one visually stunning collection of home décor and fashion clothing items. We channel more than 20 years of hyper-stylized creations for high-end homes, and fashion-forward clothing concepts designed for artistic audiences. Get in touch with us for more information about our sophisticated creations.

Learn More about Haeckel Haus

Contact us to inquire about our creative fashion clothing and home décor.

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